Where’s Your Marketing Plan


It’s 2016. Where is your marketing plan? Hopefully you have cut back or eliminated your telephone book ads and created a fresh website with a local professional website designer, which can help you market your business online. Once your site is built you need to create multiple streams of traffic to your website. Market your website at your brick and mortar location if you have one.

Add a sign-up sheet you your front desk. If you have

Quitting the day job – Three areas to consider

When potential business owners think about starting a small business they are often excited to get started, to jump right in. This can include leaving a “day job” and rushing into what seems to be the perfect life. There are at least three broad areas that deserve thought by any potential small business owner, before leaving the benefits and

Entrepreneurship: Will You Sink or Swim?

The intense interest today in starting your own business is reminiscent of the early dot-com days, when everyone thought they would spend a few dollars, quickly build a website, and wait for the bucks to start rolling in. Everyone of a certain age knows how well that worked out for most of those would-be entrepreneurs, but many young people haven’t taken the lessons of those frothy times to heart. They imagine that business success is something like jumping into the deep end of a pool and, after a moment or two of floundering, emerging at the other end as the next Michael Phelps. That doesn’t happen.

There’s a similar strain of